Why is it named after Mother Teresa of Calcutta?

Saint Teresa was devoted to priests and to the priesthood, and loved to pray for them. A few examples of her statements on the priesthood are as follows:

  • "See the greatness of the priestly vocation. How pure the hearts of the priests must be to be able to say “This is my Body”. How pure their hands must be to grant absolution any time."
  • "Without priests we have no Jesus. Without priests we have no absolution. Without priests we cannot receive Holy Communion."
  • "The heart of Jesus is in the priest. In choosing a man to be a priest, Jesus has given himself totally to that man. It is only the priest who can give the real living Jesus to us in the Blessed Sacrament."
  • "When we go to confession, we go as sinners full of sin and when we come back from confession we come back as sinners without sin. How great for priests to have been chosen by Christ."
  • "I am very grateful to priests because they have done much for our congregation by helping our sisters live true religious lives. We specially prepare the Thursday evenings before every first Friday and we specially pray for priests."
  • "It is very important that priests help the people to come close to Jesus. They need to help the people to have clean hearts because a clean heart is able to see Christ."
  • "The Precious Blood is in the hands of the priest, the Living Bread he can break and give to all who are hungry for God."