Developing a Team

Build a team in your parish!

Managing a Team

  • The team leader, in particular, should stay engaged with the team by supporting and encouraging them via personal phone calls or emails.
  • Put gentle pressure on each team member to fundraise.
  • Encourage training groups and training partners.
  • Plan team social events in order to enlist others.



  • Advertise via personal invitation, church bulletins, informational meetings, phone calls, and subtle arm-twisting.
  • If someone says they are too busy to train, encourage them to begin with the 35 mile ride.
  • If someone is not able to ride at all, ask them to sponsor someone on the team.


Ride for Vocations Fundraising Ideas

  • Write a letter or an email to family, friends, colleagues, faithful Catholics, school contacts, and parishioners to enlist their support.
  • Advertise in your parish bulletin to solicit donations from the advertisers in your church bulletin.
  • Invite family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues to a Ride For Vocations fundraising party!
  • Organize a Catholic School Tag Day by seeking approval from the School principal to devote one of their Tag Day (out of uniform day) charities to benefit the seminarians.
  • Sell donuts after Mass or before school.
  • But, above all, don't forget to talk it up!