Rev. Msgr. Robert Panke
The Rector, under the guidance of the Archbishop of Washington, is responsible overall for the formation of seminarians and the administration of the seminary. He is also the chief liaison with The Catholic University of America and is deputed to represent the seminary to the public at large and the media. He assigns duties within the seminary and reviews the faculty’s performance on a regular basis. In the internal administration of the seminary the Rector is assisted by the other members of the faculty.

Vice-Rector and Dean of Students
Rev. Carter Griffin
In the absence of the Rector, the Vice-Rector assumes his duties. He is also responsible to the Rector for the human formation of seminarians, oversees the Rule of Life and the granting of exceptions, and coordinates the process of evaluations.

Director of Spiritual Formation
Rev. Mark Ivany
The Director of Spiritual Formation assists the Rector by coordinating the various programmatic elements of spiritual formation, including spiritual direction, days of recollection, and yearly retreats. He is also responsible for the training and supervision of internal and adjunct spiritual directors in the seminary.

Adjunct Faculty
Rev. Mark Smith
Rev. Robert McCreary

Academic Dean
The Academic Dean monitors the intellectual formation of seminarians by serving as the coordinator with The Catholic University of America and by assisting students with their selection of courses and supervising the progress of their academic studies. At Saint John Paul II Seminary the Rector assumes the duties of Academic Dean.

Director of Liturgy
The Director of Liturgy plans and executes all liturgical functions within the seminary, and is responsible for the liturgical formation of the seminarians. He helps to ensure that liturgical celebrations are integrated in the overall program of spiritual formation at the seminary. At Saint John Paul II Seminary the Director of Spiritual Formation is also the Director of Liturgy.

Director of Pastoral Formation
The Director of Pastoral Formation ensures that seminarians are assigned to appropriate and fruitful pastoral assignments, and that these assignments are adequately supervised. On a regular basis, the Director will personally visit students on their pastoral assignments. At Saint John Paul II Seminary, the Vice-Rector is also the Director of Pastoral Formation.